Thailand’s most incredible infinity pools


Guests should prepare for some pruned fingers at these particular hotels, with infinity pools so stunning visitors will never want to vacate the water. These sparkling, never-ending pools are home to some of the most magnificent views in the most luxurious hotels. Grab your SPF 50 and check out Thailand’s most incredible infinity pools.

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Impiana Resort Patong Phuket

Pools can seemingly never compete with their beach rivalries. Regardless of how luxurious or monstrous they may be, Thailand’s white sand shores seem to lure tourists out of their posh hotels and onto the coastline. This particular infinity pool, however, will have you ditching your beach towel and instead heading for this hotel’s lounge chairs to spend the day poolside. Impiana Resort Patong Phuket’s infinity pool is a whopping 141.3 square meters, giving guests ample room to swim and enjoy Thailand’s hot climate.

Sivatel Bangkok

The City of Angels is home to all things luxury, and Sivatel Bangkok is no exception. This hotel calls the business district of the city home, but forget about the idea, “all work and no play.” At Sivatel Bangkok, all guests can think about is relaxing in its stunning infinity pool, located on the 8th floor of the hotel. Coming in at a whopping 22 meters, guests are welcome to swim laps while taking in the skyline of the most visited city in the world. In-water seating makes it tiny to sip on one of Bubble’s drinks, the bar located just adjacent the swimming arena, as well.

Sivatel Bangkok via Agoda

KC Grande Resort

KC Grande Resort has a total of four swimming areas, but our favorite is the rooftop and infinity pool. This duo pool is equipped with ample lounge chairs and areas in addition to a swim-up bar. Guests will never get tired of lounging in its crystal clear waters. Accompanying the breathtaking views of the Gulf of Thailand, the KC Grande Resort is surrounded by lush greenery, making for some pretty breathtaking views.

Rest Detail Hotel Hua Hin

Rest Detail Hotel Hua Hin’s infinity pool will have guests sunbathing poolside one too many afternoons, as opposed to visiting the surrounding beaches. In addition to its stunning views, the infinity pool’s adjacent restaurant, Rest Scene, also offers guests a variety of snacks, finger foods and refreshments. While its infinity pool is certainly noteworthy, this hotel also has a number of private pools attached to individual luxury rooms as well, making for a perfect private, romantic getaway.

Pimalai Resort And Spa

Located on the secluded, striking island of Koh Lanta is Pimalai Resort And Spa. This luxurious five-star hotel also offers its guests an equally as luxurious pool. Infinity pools do not get more secluded than this, as guests find themselves surrounded by both spectacular views of the Andaman Sea and over 100 acres of lush vegetation. The immense infinity pool is surrounded by statues and plenty of lounging chairs. The hotel also has direct access to the beach, though it is safe to say guests might not leave this gorgeous infinity pool anytime soon.

Rest Detail Hotel Hua Hin via Agoda

Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn

There is no better way to spend a relaxing evening having cocktails before a night out in the City of Angels than poolside at the Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn. The pool has direct access to the BTS Skytrain station Surasak, making it easy to hop right on over to the best music venues and clubs in Bangkok. Guests will find this striking pool with even better views on the 14th floor of the hotel. With multiple lounging areas and panoramic views of the city, guests will get lost in the skyline when lounging at this particular infinity pool.

Paradee Resort & Spa Hotel

Located southeast of Bangkok in the Gulf of Thailand is the island of Koh Samet. This island paradise is a popular destination for city-dwellers hoping to escape Bangkok for a day or two. While there are plenty of hotels that accommodate all types of travelers, one stands out for its incredible infinity pool: Paradee Resort & Spa Hotel. The hotel’s 20-meter infinity swimming pool is sure to have guests relaxing for hours, getting seemingly lost in the view of the ocean and swaying palm trees.

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