15 reasons why you should celebrate Christmas in Thailand (part 2)


We’ve all thought about it, and increasingly more and more of us are doing it. As great as Christmas is, and without coming across as a grinch, there’s no denying that it can be a tiring, stressful time of the year – and that’s before you have to feign excitement after unwrapping your third pair of socks on Christmas morning. With that in mind, Christmas can be a great time to travel and get away from it all, and Thailand is a great destination to head to – and here’s why.

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The Feeling

And breathe. Christmas should be fun, but with weather, money and planning to worry about, we often forget about that part. Rather than stress about the “most wonderful time of the year”, leave it all behind, by waking up in paradise instead. Besides, it happens every year – so you won’t be missing out on much. Head to Thailand for Christmas – you won’t regret it.

The Immersion

Bangkok truly is a global city, and so as you might expect you won’t be too far from a Christmas-themed shopping centre or a nicely-decorated restaurant or pub. The bigger cities in Thailand embrace Christmas with open arms, which can help you feel right at home if you’re beginning to miss loved ones on your trip. You may even see a Santa Claus or two greeting kids of all ages and backgrounds in Bangkok, and giving out gifts to those on the nice list – so be good on your trip!

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The Shopping

You know that feeling when you wake up the day before Christmas in a cold sweat because you forgot to buy somebody a present? By spending your Christmas in Thailand, not only can you buy yourself some time to get a present and have a valid excuse, there’s also some of the best shopping in the world here. Whether you’re looking for a designer handbag or a handmade handicraft, Thailand has you covered. The major cities have an abundance of boutique stores and huge shopping centres to shop in, and the smaller towns are full of charming trinkets that anybody would love to unwrap – and with the prices so low, you may need another suitcase.

The Drinks

No longer will you have to go to you cousin’s-friend’s-sister’s-uncle’s-cat’s Christmas party and pretend to enjoy eggnog – it’ll be nowhere to be seen in Thailand. Instead, you’ll be enjoying drinking your way through the many delectable drinks that Thailand has to offer. From a wide range of craft beers available to enjoying a cocktail or two in a stylish rooftop bar, Thailand has high-quality drinks at shockingly affordable prices – so there’s no more pouring eggnog down the sink when you think no-one’s looking.

The Escape

Whilst some of the bigger cities in Thailand might have shopping centres with Christmas trees and decorations, you can guarantee that some of the smaller islands and cities don’t. Christmas can be a real assault on the senses, but Thailand is a welcome retreat away from the world of garish trees and tacky decorations, and instead you could enjoy stunning temples, traditional villages and local customs, all without a Santa hat in sight – perfect for the grinches among us.

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The (Lack Of) Music

“Already?!” we hear you cry in October, when you hear the first Christmas song of the year while trying to do your grocery shopping in peace. Yes, we know, it’s far too early – so why not avoid it completely? Heading down to a Thai beach or island this Christmas can see you totally avoid those annoying-yet-catchy Christmas songs you’ve heard a million times already, leaving you free to listen to whatever you desire – and if you actually feel like you’ll miss them, then don’t worry… that’s what the Internet is for.

The Spirit of Togetherness

One of the greatest things about travelling is the ability to connect instantly to fellow like-minded travellers and establish bonds overnight that feel like they were hardened over years of friendship. Thailand’s laid-back, mai pen rai way of life makes this fact especially true here, and nothing brings travellers together quite like missing Christmas and loved ones back home. By spending the day with others in the same boat – whether you’re looking for a Christmas dinner together, playing secret Santa or cracking open a cold on the beach – your Christmas can become truly special and a precious memory with people you’re unlikely to forget.

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