Must-go places to eat street food in Bangkok

Bangkok street food comes in many guises. It might be a humble cart on the side of the road, it could be a collection of stalls in a local market or even a traditional shophouse that has tables spilling out onto the pavement. If you are worried about cleanliness our tip is to eat at busy places as the ingredients will be fresh.

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As we’ve said, There are so many restaurants and street vendors selling Thai food that it can sometimes be difficult to spot the really good ones. Also, some restaurants cater mostly to tourists, and the food may not be top quality since visitors are usually easier to satisfy than the locals.

If you want a full-on street food adventure, these are the places to check out first:

China Town

Eating in Bangkok’s China Town via Backpacking man

If you are a big fan of authentic Thai street food you will love visiting Chinatown in Bangkok. There are hundreds of street stalls, markets, carts and restaurants. Night time is when Yaowarat, as Chinatown is also known as, will rock your taste buds.

We can really understand why this comes in at Number 1. According to Jim Thompson, Chinatown is the place where street food first began in Thailand over 200 years ago when Bangkok was the major trading hub of South East Asia. Take a look for the ad hoc stalls, the plastic tables and chairs, feast out on delicious food and wash it all down with a Singa beer.

Silom Road, Bangkok

Simlom Road is the only area on the list we have not experienced recently, although we did venture to this area of Bangkok whilst living in the city in 2002.

Silom road via Bangkok
Being the central business district of Bangkok there are a lot of people, hungry people wanting a quick meal in between office hours. That means you’ll find a lot of Bangkok street food options.
Soi Convent and Soi 20 is where you probably most want to go to gorge on cheap Thai food.


Banglamphu is the area around the river, near the Golden Palace that comprises the backpacking travel area of Khao San Road and So Rambutrri.

If you want the really great Bangkok street food, then walk to the end of Khao San Road, turn right past the police station opposite the Wat and Soi Rambuttri and lining the streets will be many many street stalls and carts. Also the streets adjacent to Khao San.

We can absolutely affirm that this is a great place to eat the best street food in Bangkok. This was where we ate dinner most nights when we lived in Bangkok, we loved to feast on fish cakes and noodle soup.

Soi Rambuttri

Soi Rambuttri is one of the few places you can escape the madness of Bangkok. This street was known as Dog Shit Alley, because of the number of dogs that paraded up and down the rat-infested street. We loved eating Thai food and drinking here. It was cool before it was the hipster-cool it is now. It has had a major uplift and is now a pretty Bangkok oasis.

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