What Can I Do in Khao San Road (part1)

Khao San Road, a small road located in Bangkok’s metropolitan area, is the backpacker central in Thailand.  Budget travelers are drawn here thanks to all the cheap accommodation, drinks, food, crazy atmosphere, and the unmistakable party and laid back scene.
>> Wat Suthat

Love it or hate it, this small street is full of things to do, so here are some of the things you will either love to do or challenge yourself to do.

1. Stay up all night

Khao San Road never sleeps so you will find people walking the streets, partying, or just hanging around any time of the day.  Some bars close around 2:00 am, but after that the patrons flood the street by moving the party outside.  Actually, staying up all night was the first thing I did when I got to Bangkok.  I was immediately welcomed by a group of locals, travelers, lady-boys, hookers, ex-monks, and what not.  The least I can say is that it was crazy! Also, make sure to watch the monks as they walk out of the temples in the early morning hours.
Bangkok, Thailand
About 6am after a long and crazy night!

2. Drink

It’s almost inevitable to drink when you have so many bars lined up one next to the other.  The beer is relatively cheap and you can even buy the drinks by bucket!! Buckets usually come filled with whiskey (the local Sang Som) and Coke, but you can pick other drinks too.   When an establishment advertises with ‘We do not check IDs’, it is pretty sure you’ll find a crazy audience there.


3. Eat Bugs!

Ever cared to try a crunchy cockroach, grasshopper, spider, and even scorpion? You’re at the right place.  They’re fried, caramelized, and even sweet.  Some are crunchy and some are gooey on the inside.  Ewww… Watch here how Adventurous Kate and Backpacking Matt ate a few bugs while at Khao San Road.

4. Get A Massage

THE good massage, I mean, the grandma-proof massage… Not only an hour of a traditional Thai massage is so cheap here (though cheaper if you get it outside of Bangkok) but also they’re soooo good and relaxing!  This is perfect to get rid of your tired self after a long day sightseeing.

5. Get A Tattoo

Ok, this one I didn’t do, but so many backpackers get a tattoo while staying at Khao San Road (especially after too many drinks).  It’s so easy to find a tattoo shop here; they are as common as souvenir shops and bars.  Not into permanent ink?  Get a henna tattoo… that one I did!