Coming Vietnam: Discover Son Doong Cave

This incredible Son Doong Cave Expedition of 4 days 3 nights will give you a wonderful chance to explore the world’s largest cave and exit via the Great Wall of Vietnam. This is expected to be your expedition of a lifetime.

Journey to Son Doong Cave

This journey to the wild, exploring Son Doong Cave requires more than 25 porters, safety advisors & guides. You will explore the entire length of Son Doong Cave, Hang En Cave, and visit Ban Doong ethnic minority village.

Imagine trekking straight into the depths of the world’s largest cave which can fit a Boeing B747 flying through the largest passage, on an expedition unlike any other. Son Doong Cave is a masterpiece of nature with otherworldly landscapes, enormous stalagmites and statuesque stalactites – hanging from the ceiling and rising from the ground like an alien species. The real jungle inside the cave will amaze you in every way, while misty clouds envelope the scene. The fossil passage will give you the opportunity to understand the formation of this ancient limestone.

Light in Son Doong cave

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Climb in Cave

An adventure from start to finish, you will use ropes to climb into the entrance, and climb up the Great Wall of Vietnam, a calcite wall totaling 90m in height. You will always be under the guidance of the Oxalis safety team.

The Expedition is not a race, so you should not expect to rush on this tour. There will be plenty of time for photography and to explore the cave. However, all adventurers are expected to be fit, and have some previous trekking experience (not necessarily climbing or caving experience).

Inside Son Doong Cave
Note: Due to safety and conservation matters, the government of Quang Binh allowed Oxalis is the only operator bringing tourists to Hang En/Son Doong cave. Letter Number 1213/UBND-VX dated on August 03, 2016 of the Government of Quang Binh Province.

Customers are expected to make it to Son Doong entrance without assistance. Anyone who cannot do so will be turned around. We maintain the right to turn around any customers who cannot follow safety, conservation, or trekking rules, and anyone who refuses to follow the instructions of the guide team. Customers who are turned around will not a receive a refund of any kind.

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